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Our dynamic and experienced legal team proudly serves the community in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Our legal experts don’t just have experience — we live in your neighborhood, and we know the ins and outs of getting things done here.

We build relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. We offer a broad range of legal services in business, real estate, and estate planning to help you reach the results you want. We walk you through every step.

We offer you a comfortable and relaxed environment where we work together to customize a solution just for you. Our office mascot, Nory, is happy to greet you when you visit us.

Our Services

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Wills & Trusts: There is perhaps no area of law that is so misunderstood and so desperately under-utilized as Estate Planning.  Death and disability planning does not need to be frightening, and as you will learn with us, it can be a time to plan your legacy, to provide for your family, and to give yourself peace of mind.  Let us “debunk the myths.”   

Powers of Attorney: These legal documents are necessary to avoid probate court when a person becomes incapable of making decisions or managing financial affairs because of an illness or injury.  Are you prepared?   

A Complete Plan:  Let us prepare for you a personal and comprehensive package which will serve your needs during your lifetime and after you pass away to maximize the benefits to your family, friends, or chosen charities, to avoid estate taxes and the costs of probate court administration, and to plan for your disability or long-term care.   

Probate Administration:  If you or a loved one should happen to pass away unexpectedly without planning the proper probate-avoidance tools for your estate, never fear.  Many times probate is easier and not as expensive as you may think.  Call us right away to get started because probate procedures may create a substantial delay in the distribution of the assets of your loved one’s estate. 

Business Succession Planning

Statistics show that most family businesses do not survive past the second generation because proper planning is not accomplished during the height of the business’s growth while the founding “fathers” are still involved.  Let us help you foster pride in your family business or farm and pass those opportunities on to your participating children and grandchildren to reward them for their hard work and dedication.   

Real Estate

General Property Transactions:  We can advise you in every stage of a real estate transaction, residential or commercial, from the purchase agreement, to land contract or mortgage and deeds.  Our office takes pride in preparing custom-tailored documents to suit your particular needs and does not rely upon mass-produced forms. 

Condominium and Subdivision Development:   Our attorneys have real-world experience in planning, zoning, architecture and subdivision & condominium development.  We will seek to educate and empower you to produce a high-quality residential or commercial product you will be proud to put your name on. 

Construction Law:  Builders, subcontractors, developers, homeowners, suppliers and others in the industry will all at one time or another require legal services related to their construction projects.  Whatever phase your company is in during the construction process — planning, contract drafting, interpretation of agreements, or enforcement of those contracts through liens or alternative collections — we can assist you through the maze of your project difficulties.  Better yet, come to us before you start any project to prevent foreseeable problems. 

Business Law

Business Formation:  We love entrepreneurs!  Come see us for a consultation about your business idea when it is fresh.  We’ll help you decide what form of business will be best suited to your endeavor and get your new business up and running. 

 Business Reorganization:  Are you taking on a new partner, member, shareholder or investor?  Are you considering retirement from a business you own or facing the retirement of another owner?  Structuring a business relationship to maximize returns and benefits to each party involved does not need to be a daunting task.  We can help you find creative, realistic ways to implement your transition. 

Commercial Transactions:  You seek a streamlined and efficient approach to your day-to-day business.  You also seek certainty and risk management.  We understand your desire to balance those goals and will keep an eye on the big picture.

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